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Q: 2002 Lincoln Continental air conditioning periodically stops working on 2002 Lincoln Continental

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my air conditioning will quit every once in awhile, than a week or so later it starts working again. for instance I was driving down the highway with it working fine I turned it off for about 5 minutes than when I turned it back on it just blew out hot air. The system is fully charged.
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Sometimes mine get's confused and thinks it's on the heater. If you run the temp up to 90 and then back down it usually fixes the problem.
I tried running the temperature up and down and it worked after I spent 100 dollars recharging it
Thanks to all of you for the great information...Mine is worrking again on its own but a mechanic did show me a little gadget that he says gets stuck sometimes, sorry I dont know the name of it but it is inexpensive and an easy fix. Its under the hood. I will try and find out the name from him and post it here. He said to be careful while changing the part or you could lose your fluids and have to replace them...
When it quits running cool, I would see if the clutch on the compressor is still engaged. You should be able to hear the difference pretty easily. You can also feel the high and low lines, and you'll be able to feel if the coolant is being circulated or if the system is idle even though you have your controls set to AC. So, if the system is cycling the fluid and not producing cold air, you are more than likely looking at a component of the system needing replaced. If it is randomly engaging and disengaging, it could be a bad AC clutch, or electrical connection somewhere. Hope this helps you track down the problem.
i have the same kind of car and my air is doing the same thing....Did you get yours fixed, and if so, what was the problem? I hope it was a simple fix for you. What does "fully charged" mean"? I have to take mine in to get it checked out and being a women, some people, not all, but some try to take advantage of my not having machanical savvy. Any information will be most helpful..Thanks a lot.
Sorry I haven't responded sooner but by fully charged I mean it isn't low on freon. I haven't had it fixed yet because it seems like every time it goes out it goes back on before I am able to have it looked at. My mechanic thinks it is something electrical. What did you find out with your car?

Thanks for the response..Im kind of like you, on the "wait and see" mode. Mine is doing ok again. The warm weather is almost over anyway so if it starts blowing out hot air again i will wait until next summer to have it fixed. If I find out what is going on I will post it on here for you, as Im sure you will do the same....Good luck..
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