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Q: 2002 Chrysler Concorde suddenly sounding like a go-cart on 2002 Chrysler Concorde

My 2002 Chrysler Concorde suddenly upon acceleration, blew a puff of smoke and sounded like a go cart. The "check engine light" came on. I immediately pulled over and had the car towed to home. It has been (and was) running cool, oil has been regularly and recently changed, with all new belts and timing belt in September. When I turned the car on this morning, it still sounded like a sputtering go-cart, but there was no smoke. Am I doomed to some huge repair? The tow-truck driver guessed a fuel pump or "exhaust issue".
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I have more questions than answers.
What engine is in your car? There are several different options (5). Does the engine actually run bad, or is it just noisy?
But, based on the information given. I would guess there is an exhaust leak or a spark plug that is allowing exhaust gasses past it.
I would find out what code is stored in your car's computer, that may help you diagnose what has happend.
BTW it was real smart of you to have the car towed rather than driving and possibly doing further damage.
Thanks for your input...

The engine is a V6 - a 3.5-liter. I am not sure how the engine is running because I so quickly stopped the car...It seemed to be chugging as I pulled over. That is interesting you said the spark plug, because right as it happened, it had that sound like when you need a tune-up
and it felt like it was "missing", but then it so quickly got so loud and the puff of smoke happened, that I pulled over and called for help.

And glad I actually did do something smart about it because I had no idea what to do! I always feel at a disadvanatge with a broken car.
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That engine is a pretty solid platform.

I would have the computer code checked, it will help give us guidance.
Sounds like you have a spark plug missfiring. The smoke is probably un burmt fuel.a tune is most likely needed but needs to be thoughly looked at
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