Q: 2002 cavalier,2.2 ohv,timing chain noise. on 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier

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bought the car with 146000 miles,oil looked filthy,air filter was shot to,ran oil with a quart of trans fluid for a 1000 miles,then chaned oil/filter.Had a ticking noise from the timing chain.R/R timing chain,tentioner,etc.Again aroung 8000 miles,same noise,R/R all items again,now another 8000 miles highway,same noise,there is a freez plug behind the cam gear with a pin whole in it,as if it sprays oil from it,forced a small bit through it,when the noise first developed back,ran with another quart of trans fluid in it,1000 miles,then changed the oil/ i missing something?
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My advice. Sell the car because that transmission fluid running in your engine is tearing it up. Your bearings are probably about to give up. If you don't want to sell it I recommend either rebuilding or buying a whole new engine and for sure replace the transmission
Thanks for the response,now it has aprox. 500 miles on it since i changed the oil and filter,will just run it and play it by ear.
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