Q: 2001 venture EGR closed position on 2001 Chevrolet Venture

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i had my 2001 venture presmoged and it passed with flying colors the only problem is they wont give me my certif. due to the check engine light on. the code are PO128 coolan thermostat ( which i had a new one put in) PO135 -02 sensor heater bank 1 sensor 1 (have no clue where that is even located) and P1404 ERG closed position performance.. also everytime i start my van it makes a nosie like a jet taking off and the nosie comes from the driver side by the tire. People have told me its the vacume. the noise does stop after roughly 1 mintue of the van being started. can someone please tell me what the nosie is and what i need to do to get the van check engine light off....
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