Q: 2001 Stratus. Had to pump it to get it started after a couple min it was fine. on 2001 Dodge Stratus

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After a couple minutes it ran fine and starts right up. Could it be pressure regulator or is it the check valve on fuel pump?
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If its a problem with the check valve, pumping the gas would not help. A check valve causes there to be a lack of fuel available to the injectors.

However, if the regulator is leaking or an injector is leaking, pumping the gas may help (especially if you hold it wide open), as it can help clear out a flooded engine.

To check the regulator, you can usually remove the vacuum line, crank the vehicle and look for traces of fuel in the line. Any fuel and the regulator is bad.

Injectors need to be removed and pressurized to verify.
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