Q: 2001 PT Cruiser mechanic says "PCM not grounding starter relay". on 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

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indicates new computer. says dealer must order and install. Is this correct? Can I order online? and anyone can install?
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It grounds the relay after checking the transmission position switch. Will it start by jumping the starter. if the car still runs good, I would look at something else. Have them take it back off if that doesn't fix it, shouldn't have to pay for it if it's not the resolve to the start issue.
Are you saying that the PCM grounds the relay after it checks the transmission position switch? I don't know if it will start by jumping the starter. The mechanic did start it at the shop, I'll call him and see if it was by jumping the starter. However they started it, it ran fine until I turned it off. They told me it would not start when I turned it off. Will have to tow it to fix it. I'm not sure what you mean by "take it back off"....take what back off?
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If they put a computer on your car and it was something else. You agree to not pay for the computer. Every other point should be checked first.
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