Q: 2001 Honda Accord Engine Oil Leak on 2001 Honda Accord

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When I turn on my car, it starts massively leaking engine oil. It's coming out about as fast as it does when you empty the tank during an oil change. It looks like it is flooding through the big timing belt cap. Any idea what needs to be replaced and how much I will be in debt after this? Is it better to take it into the dealer or will any repair shop know how to fix it right?

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It sounds like one of the seals (i.e. crankshaft, camshaft, oil pump) behind the timing belt and cover may have unseated and is pouring oil out. I recommend you tow it to your favorite auto repair shop for an inspection and estimate. Don't drive it; if it runs out of oil, your problems will become much bigger and more expensive.
my guess is that it is the cam seal and/or the crankseal had the same problem on my accord a few years ago and if you have to have it changed its best to buy a new water pump. i took it to a sameday auto repair becuase i lived in a apartment at the time and didnt have the time to work on it and couldnt do it in the parking lot but unless you know what your doing then its best to have some one do it and that way the work is warranted it cost around 600 for the timingbelt the waterpump and seals lifetime warranty on everything
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