Q: 2001 Civic LX with the automatic trans. problem. on 2001 Honda Civic

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I was driving home from work last week and it just started slipping. I would come and go enough for me to crawl home the last 9 blocks. There was a noise like a starter bearing going out that would go away after the car warmed up. I was going to have checked at Honda. Was this my torque convertor (screaming) going. The engine light did come on and I still have reverse.
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Well, I had the battery unpluged while it sat for 3 weeks and put it back on cause I had to move it off the street. The check engine light was off now so I tried putting it in gear (its automatic) and it actually works. I still have this screaming noise coming out of the trans. area but it goes in and out as I go from neutral to in drive gear.??
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