Q: 2001 CD changer install, wiring. on 2001 Lincoln Town Car

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I purchased a 2001 Lincoln Town Car, Cartier. The ford people said it should be pre-wired to add a cd changer,(if there is a control button on the head). It has a control button. I took it to Ford and they could not find the plug. How much will it cost to wire the car to add a CD player, or can I add one in the dash?
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I would take this to a Car Stereo place and let them look at it. This would be the best advice since they have a lot of the wire hook ups for this vehicle.
The Radio chassis has a plug outlet on the back that accommodates a remote CD changer. Ford should be able to sell either the harness or the CD changer that works with it.

Otherwise, yes, as the first answer suggests, consult a car stereo specialist.