Q: 2001, 4.7, 65000mi, Random stalling, No codes shown, any ideas? on 2001 Dodge Dakota

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Truck is in great shape and runs great but has been exhibiting random stalling, like ignition was shut off. Most often just after initially starting, sometimes just randomly. maybe 5 minutes, maybe 20, it just stalls. Usually it restarts after turning off and on. No apparent connection to engine speed, vehicle speed or temperatures. No codes shown in odometer (P Done). Have not used code tester but expect no results. Have replaced cam sensor still same results. Could it be related to the security system? Once in a while shows the security light and fuel gauge goes to empty. Any ideas very welcome. This is racking my nerves.
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I would suspect the crankshaft sensor, this is a pretty common failure on these engines and often times, they set no codes, which makes it very tough to pin down.
Thank you! I took your suggestion. However, after changing the crank sensor still having the same problem. Then I changed the Throttle Position Sensor with no better outcome. Truck runs great then just stalls. Still shows no codes.