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Q: 2000PGP-GT V63.8L Losing power at30-35mph-kicks in & out like its not gettn fuel on 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix

It started yesterday- I noticed first when I started the car sort of a high pitched running sound that is unusual for my car- had my car about 4-5yrs now. Very high pitch consistent sound. It starts & runs great though! No check engine light or any other indicator that anything is wrong or in need. I was driving home with my lil girl when out of nowhere my car starts to lose a significant amount of power when accelerating around & past 30-35mph. Then will clear up for a minute & then do it again. I mean it lost so much power I barely got up a little hill driving. I also noticed once I pulled over into a parking lot that there was a subtle burning smell so i checked my fluid- well filled the water & later put in training fluid thinking it was my transmission. Im not so sure it is the training considering this feels like almost like its being temporarily clogged like the car is not consistently getting enough fuel & I also noticed if I stay at 30 or below it doesn't do it at all- at least not yet! Can anyone please help me? Im all I got & my daughter & I really need transportation. I feel like at this time this may be fixable. Thank you. God bless!
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u gotta cxheck fuel pump pressure , i dont know miles but it seems with year ,it s a bad fuel pumps.
I can hear the fuel pump kick on & turning off when I switch my ignition key into the on position instead of turning it all the way over. Also, a bad fuel pump usually puts out a check engine light. Besides, if it is the fuel pump why then does it allow me to drive below 30mph with problem? The fuel pump should effect this regarldess of milage right? Also, it wouldnt come on at all woudl it? how can I tell this definetly? How does one check the fuel pressure as you suggested?
Is it possible that any switches or sensors could be the cause? I recently- a few months ago had a problem with one of the sensors & it stalled all the time & I did replace it but even then it gave a check engine light- its strange cuz of the way it starts & runs so well it only acts up around 30-35mph.
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