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Q: 2000 windstar won't turn over. New Battery & starter. Fuses and relays ckd good on 2000 Ford Windstar

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2000 windstar won't turn over. New Battery & starter. Checked all fuses and All good. When I try to start it in either park or nutral, I get power to all the interior functions and the starter solenoid energizes, but it won't turn over the engine or even try to. It was working fine the other night. The next morning it would not start. There was no change to the problem by installing a new battery or starter.
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Have someone try to force the engine to turn manualy with a breaker bar and socket, or similar tools on the crank pulley bolt. I really hope it turns! How does the engine oil look? Is it low on antifreeze that may be mixed with the oil?

IT IS POSSIBLE THE ENGINE IS LOCKED!! Starter can not turn it.
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Can you tell me what happened prior to the vehicle not starting? Did you experience any other problems prior to that?
For about the past 3 months, 2-3 times per week when I would turn the ignition key nothing would happen. No sound. I had power to the instrument panel and that was it. The solenoid would not energize or make any noise. If I turned the key on and off several times it would start. The night before this problem occurred, it started fine and ran just fine. I had the auto parts store test the replacement starter before I left with it, so I am confident that the starter is fine.

Everything I have tried has not changed or had any effect on the problem. That being, when I turn on the ignition, the starter solenoid energizes and you hear a deep click. You can also feel it energizing if you hold your hand against it. It is also getting 12+ volts to the terminals. I installed a new battery as the old one was more than 5 years old and only showed about 12.6 volts, (near dead). I checked all the fuses and relays and all were good.
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Be sure to check the continuity of your ground cable/cable end & positive cable/cable end from the battery to the solenoid and then from the solenoid to the starter. You may have something going on there. If you have an ohm meter, you could also check to see how many volts you have coming out of the solenoid to the starter once it has been energized.

Past that, you could still have a bad starter, bad solenoid or possibly a bad ignition switch. There are other safety switches that could be causing problems but if bad, they normally do not allow the solenoid to energize.
Engine is good. It was working fine the night before all this started. Oil and coolent levels were good to go. I finally had it towed to my go to auto mechanic and it started up as soon as it was off the tow truck. My mechanic could not find anything wrong with it. Go figure, just the joys of motoring I guess.

Thanks for everyone's input and suggestions. This has been my first time using this forum and I am very pleased.

Thanks again to everyone.
Thanks for the reply, glade it's not more serious! I have had quite a few that weren't so lucky over the years.
I am having an almost exact problem. I replaced the key lock and ignition switch. Then took the starter out and rant in and had it checked. It sounded a little odd so they warrantied it out and gave me a new one. Nothing, turned the engine over with a wrench to make sure it wasn't locked. Any steps I have missed Help
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