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Q: 2000 S Type 3.0 L idle adjustment on 2000 Jaguar S-Type

Recently cleaned the throttle body, had fuel injectors, cleaned, and replaced one ignition coil on 3.0 L, V6, 2000 S-type Jaguar. Car now idles high around 1000 rpm.
Is there a way to manually lower the idle RPM's ?
Does the computer normally re-learn and reset the RPM's on its own?
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There is no way to manually lower RPM. The computer does learn its strategy, but I don't think this is your issue.

The throttle body cleaning - does the throttle move freely? The idle control valve could be in question if it is sticking at all. Lastly, are all vacuum hoses connected? Sounds like one may be loose or dislodged.

Fuel injector cleaning - depending on who does it - can be done through engine vacuum lines, which could be related to your current concerns.
The throttle moves freely and I believe all the vacuum hoses are reconnected. Possibly an air leak exists at one of the gaskets, but don't believe this is happening. I removed the injectors and had them cleaned at an local shop.

How many restarts does it take before the computer relearns?
I'm with Patrick about the throttle body. I don't think the learning of engine running parameters takes very long. Nothing you had done would have lost the memory in the first place.
Disconnecting the battery for 20 min seems to have done the trick by resetting the computer. Thanks for all your help.
Well, that can clear the memory and start from scratch - not a bad idea. Glad you are getting some success.
late reply but hope this helps someone looking to repair same issue.
todays vehicles use A ELECTRONIC THROTTLE CONTROL system to open and close throttle plate thus no cable adjustment provisions exist. the ECM controls how the valve opens and closes.

here is the solution to the high idle speed. after cleaning the throttle plate the ETC motor (actuator) must be re-initialized for indexing purposes. some manufacturers require you to momentarily turn the ignition on and off without starting the engine, wait 10-20 sec. before starting vehicle. Others require you to turn ignition switch to on position for 10-15 sec., then off again for 10-20 sec. before starting vehicle. remember to clear any fault codes before the re-initializing procedure is performed.
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Jaguar do not recommend cleaning the throttle body, the throttle housing is sensitive, I have replaced several throttle bodies on the S Type due to idle problems. Is there a check Engine Light on?
No check engine light, just a high idle. Runs around 1000 rpm vs 700 or so before the TB cleaning.
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