Q: 2000 Malibu Ignition Switch on 2000 Chevrolet Malibu

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My 2000 Malibu will turn over but not start. The gauges on the dash will not even come on. As I tried and tried to crank it. I noticed one time that the gauges did not start working and it did not start, but went dead a few seconds later. I can jiggle the key around and get the car to crank, and sometimes drive for miles, and sometimes within 1/2 block the car will die in the middle of the road. Also the key is hard to get outta ignition. I have to pull the key a hair and turn off and pull out in one motion for it to release. So, I am thinking that it has to be the ignition switch. ??? I have a mechanic
that says he can fix it, but my brother (that works for GM dealership) says that only a dealer can fix it because of anti-theft security system and such. I need your help. Can
a mechanic not at a dealership fix this (he says no problem)? Do you think it is the ignition switch?
(1) Answer
The ignition switch IS the prime suspect... now, if only the electrical switch needs to be replaced ... no problem!! ... IF the lock cylinder needs to be replaced... the vats system will need programming so the new key will work... still no problem if mechanic knows how!