Q: 2000 Malibu check engine light does not go out after disconecting the battery? on 2000 Chevrolet Malibu

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I an getting a P0131 on my 2000 Malibu. I checked wiring and connections and then disconected the battery for a minute to turn off the check engine light. I started the engine and the check engine light instantly came back on. I would think it would take ar least a couple minutes for the code to set again. What problem would that indicate?
(2) Answers
The oxygen sensor has probably failed. This code refers to bank 1 sensor 1. Replace the sensor and reset again.
It sounds like the code did not clear the first time you disconnected the battery. Use a scan tool to clear it. The O2 Sensor diagnostic only runs during closed loop operation, and the PCM has to see less than 175mV for 50 seconds to be a failure. The PCM does not turn the Check Engine Light on the first failure either. It has to have 2 failures. A simple code reader may or may not have a "clear codes" function. Clear it for sure first before spending money on any attempted repairs.