Q: 2000 honda accord lx on 2000 Honda Accord

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Hey guys I have a 2000 Honda Accord lx V6 , and i've been having a problem. Some days when i've driven the car around doing errands, I would get back in my car after leaving it for ten min, and try to start my car, then my car would start but the rpm would go down to zero and my car would die. I would have to start it and press the gas right away for a few min until the rpm would stay above zero,then it would run normal
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I am assuming that the motor runs a little rough during this period while you have your foot is on the throttle and that this problem may have a long period of time between each occurrence. I am also assuming that it has over 60K miles. Does the Check engine light flash when this is happening? Has it come on at all when you are driving? If it flashed during the poor running, you may have an ignition coil breaking down, a diagnostic self should show the offending cylinder(s) if the Check engine light flashed for a long enough period of time. I would not change anything until I had better verification of the concern or more regularity of the fault occurrence. It is said that Honda ignition coils are to be replace at the major service, when the spark plugs are replaced. You may want to check your operator's service booklet to see how close you are to that service interval.
If it has over 200,000 miles and it has the original fuel filter on it it could be almost clogged shut. Using secure jackstands, remove the gas cap, put on some nio gloves or similar to protect hands, squeeze the pinch tabs on the fuel filter and remove it. clean any gas from the inlets and blow through it, you should be able to blow through it very easily although if you can still blow through it without very much effort its fine put it right back on and forget it