Q: 2000 avenger 2 dr sport has 60,000 miles. do I need to change timing belt,cost? on 2000 Dodge Avenger

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run's great but someone suggested I must change timing belt and was wondering about the cost
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Good afternoon,

The 2.5L v6 in your vehicle is an interference engine. This means that if the timing belt slips or breaks there will most likely be internal engine damage. The 2.5 v6 timing belt should be replaced any where between 60-100,000 miles but if it has not been relpaced I would replace it based on age alone.
We can give you an rough estimate but we would need to look at the vehicle to give you a more accurate estimate.
The estimate for replacing the timing belt only is $430.12 after tax although we would recommend other components related to the timing belt at the same time. We would recommend replacing the timing belt components i.e. timing belt tensioner, tensioner pulley, water pump, camshaft and crank shaft seals etc..
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