Q: 1999 mercury villager codes 1706 & 1105 are showing what did i do on 1999 Mercury Villager

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when every i turn the car off and put gas in the car the engine check light comes on after the machanic decodes the car. how should i run the car to reset the sencor after the work is done?
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P1706 with Mercury means Transmission Range Sensor Circuit Malfunction, P1105 is MAP/BARO Solenoid Circuit Malfunction. After faults have been repaired drive cycles will have to b completed to complete all drive "monitor". Drive cycles are met only after exact driving conditions are achieved. Google Mecury obd2 drive cycle or look at this link
hi,thi is an obd2 trouble code table, it can help you understand the meaning of code.
For p1706, that is the neutral safety switch failing. The part about starting is probably fine. But, the signal that is sent to the computer is screwing up. I would replace the switch and disconnect the battery and wait five minutes before hooking it back up. The error will be gone.
For p1105.
With 1105 normally an o2 sensor code means the sensor is bad but let the car run (idleing) and move all the wiring for that sensor around and have someone else watch your o2 readings for that sensor to see if they fluctuate (all the way high or low)