Q: 1999 Mercury SableReplacement instruction for front strut on 1999 Mercury Sable

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We need instructions to replace the front strut, drivers side, on our 1999 Mercury Sable. Is it hard to do in the driveway or should a mechanic do it?
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You need a spring compressor and there is danger involved in that, i.e. if the spring goes awry it can really hurt you. I would have a shop do this, if you have never done this, so you don't get hurt.
Thank You for the advice, I think we'll take it to a professional. Thanks again, Z
The spring is broken and will also need to be replaced. Found the strut assembly online. This isn't the same process so can this be done in the drive? Seems this would be easier since the spring is already compressed. The thing I'm thinking is, since the spring is already broken will it be dangerous to get the old one out? will it "spring" up when you take the old one off, since its broken? Once you get the old one out seems like it should be just a bolt on part? Is that right?
The way to go is with the shop. You can get seriously injured with spring compressors if you do not know what you are doing. Good luck!
jack up car and put on jack stands remove tie rod end from struct . take nut off of lower ball joint remove thr three nuts from the top and the struct will come out in one piece don
a mechanic should took me the hard way to find out you would need a special tool for that and cost is 100 dollars put it in the shop