Q: 1999 Honda Civic.I have replaced the distributer, fuel pump and filter. on 1999 Honda Civic

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It has good spark at the plug and is getting gas. (wet plugs) still won't even sputter with starting fluid.
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Yes. The timing belt is only 26000 old, but I pulled the covers and checked it anyway. All marks line up and it' still tight.
Ok then, make sure fuel is ok, good/clean and that it is actually gasoline!! Then if exhaust is not restricted, start car and drive away!!
Plugs need to be removed, dried off and reinstalled. Pull out fuel pump fuse or relay, then use starting fluid of some type to see if engine will try to start. Possible water in fuel or exhaust stopped up.
I pumped all the gas out and replaced. I loosened the exhaust manifold and pulled it back a half inch. Still no start. I hooked up a vacuum gauge to the manifold and I have 0 vacuum when trying to start. It won't even suck the starter fluid in.
ENGINE TIMING IS OFF! (OR WORSE) Can't have much, if any, compression. You stated it is getting fire but just to be sure, see if the cam is turning while the crank is.
Thanks for all the help, I found that the new distributer cap and rotor were bad. (I bought a cheap one) I put the old one back on and everything is great. runs like a champ!