Q: 1999 Chevy lumina ltz hard to start, and quits when given gas on 1999 Chevrolet Lumina

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I have recently replaced the fuel pump and am still having problems the car is hard to start takes three or more times cranking before it will start but after it starts first time it starts easily. But when it does start it only idles for a few minutes and then like it gets choked off and loses all flow of gas.....if you try to give it gas while it's idling it just chokes Down and dies. What could this be....the back fuel line connector is a lil loose could this be the problem or should I be looking somewhere else
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Sounds like my experience with my 99 Lumina 3.8 LTZ,don't waste your time or money on anything until you read this. Intermittenly at first: rough idling.stalling,black soot from the tail pipe, dying out coming to a stop,it would start but would hunt to maintain rpm's to idle and die. Checked cylinder pressure,new plugs,replaced idle air control valve, fuel filter,fuel pressure regulator,throttle position sensor,fuel pump ( expensive and difficult as it is in-tank) I searched the internet everywhere for advice and never came across this :My shade-tree mechanic brother REMOVED the MAF sensor. Although it idled roughly, it did not die out,even took it for a short drive, which proved that the MAF sensor was faulty. Replaced it with a new one and I love my car again !Advice- remove the MAF sensor ,if idle improves,it most likely needs replaced.Cheap and easy fix!
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