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Q: 1997 Ford Taurus Engine Oil spurting out on 1997 Ford Taurus

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I turned the car on and looked under and oil is spurting out all over. What is wrong???
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For engine oil to be "spurting out" the oil must be under pressure so it won't be a valve cover gasket. Check that the oil filter is tight. Top up the oil to the correct level with the engine off. Place a drain pan under the engine and briefly start the engine to see what area of the engine the oil is coming from. The oil filter housing or oil cooler or oil cooler lines may have become damaged or punctured by a rock or road debris. Is this oil black or brownish red. Check the transmission oil level as well in case the transmission oil cooler or oil lines have become damaged.
the main seal is going. I've seen this a couple of times. The oil is leaking out from the rubber guard over the flywheel opening. To fix this, you need to drop the exhaust to drop the oil pan and then replace the bearing on crank at the engine wall in between the flywheel and the first piston.
Before doing anything I noticed fresh oil below the car (under the oil filter area). I could, by hand, turn the oil filter about a quarter. The underside of the filter has fresh oil, so its leaking a bit while sitting there. I then re-checked the oil and corrected the level. I started the engine and checked under. Instead of spurting all over it was one stream of oil spurting towards and hitting the left tire. When I looked from up top it looked like it was coming from the underside of the fuel filter. Do you think just an oil change and new Motorcraft FL400S Oil Filter?...and while I'm there drain and change the coolant? When the oil is on my fingers the color appears more brownish red.
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