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Q: 1997 Chevy S10 Possible blown head gasket. on 1997 Chevrolet S10

OK, my truck seems to be on it's last legs. First, no AC in the Dallas area! I've dealt with that for years, but now have new issue. Had a intermittant heating issue that was initially diagnosed as a faulty thermostat. Since the radiator also needed replacing, had both things done. Truck continued to have intermittant heating issues, so I took it back. Now, the shop is saying that I have a blown head gasket. Mind you, the day I drove it in, the engine sounded fine -- went to pick it up, and the engine sounded horrible. Am afraid to drive it, now.

So my questions are: 1) Could the repairs have been done incorrectly and caused the blown gasket? 2) What is an approximate cost for replacing a head gasket? 3) Is it worth replacing the head gasket? I own the truck, such as it is, free and clear.
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the fact that you had overheating issues prior to the rad and thermostat replacement indicate the damage may have been done before the repair.
head gaskets run around 1500-1800. if the heads are cracked add about 600.
whether it is worth it is up to you. are you ready to replace it now?? the repairs needed are almost the sales tax on a new truck. something to think about. and you wont have a payment book either.

get a second opinion on the needed work. it is worth the piece of mind you are looking for.

Would bringing it to you get me a fair second opinion? I already had decided to do just that, just didn't have any good ideas as to where I could get a fair opinion.

$2-3000 is still better than a "new" used car!
unfortunately, i am in the phila. pa. area.
i would love to give you a second opinion but the distance is a factor.
take it to a shop and have them do a leak down test of the cylinders to determine the cylinder, if any, and the leakage.
Good Luck

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