Q: 1996 Volvo 850 GLT problem with non-starts. Cranks but won't start. on 1996 Volvo 850

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I really need some help with this issue. My 96 850 GLT has been giving me problems with non-starts(just had complete tune-up,fuel-pump fine,relay), I took it to a mechanic he did a diagnostics and said it was the ignition module. It turned out not to be that then he said it's my ECU so, I went on ebay and found one that is supposed to be compatible with my car. Here's my question the ECU I found was for a 95 but the guy said it would work on 95-97, do the numbers have to match my original ECU or does this matter? My car still isn"t starting with the replaced ECU. My original #0261204224, replacement #0261203165. Do I need a new mechanic? Thanks!
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Ditto on the new mechanic. Find yourself someone who is experienced with Volvos or European cars.
Thanks for the responses, it was my cam sensor and the throttle position sensor. That situation is fixed now I think my heater core may need replacing, due to coolant linking and my driver side floor is wet. Does this sound correct?
95 is an obd 1 system. 96 and up is obd 2, completely different system. you must match the numbersa exactly to work.
are you sure about your tech?? I think i would get another opinion. it is getting expensive throwing parts at it. check our directory tab at the top for shops in your area.