Q: 1996 Saturn keeps blowing out the temperature sensor on 1996 Saturn SL

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I get a check engine light and the car runs bad. When I check the code it tells me it is the temperature sensor. When I change it the check engine light goes out and the car runs fine. The problem is I replace 4 of them this year alone. Can you tell me what can make them go bad?
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Are you using factory Sensors from the Dealer?( there are still GM dealers that sell factory Saturn parts ) Does your Saturn run too hot? When was the last time you replaced your Thermostat? It could be that your car is running too hot at times and that will set a Coolant Temp code, when the Temp Sensor is telling the truth! Saturns run really HOT ( fan comes on at about 224 which is crazy hot ) and you have to really stay on top of the cooling system, or not such good things happen. If the T-stat has more than 30,000 on it, replace it with a factory quality part and be very careful to bleed the system properly.