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Q: 1996 neon, changed starter and only clicks on 1996 Dodge Neon

i replaced a starter on a 1996 neon, it would occasionally start but was clicking most of the time. now it has started only once, ran it for approximately 2 hours, and it will not restart; it will only click. i have hooked up a remote starter switch to it, and it continues to click. it has turned over twice, but when i go to turn the key on, it continues to click. removed starter to recheck, and it runs on the battery from the car on the work bench. i have checked the relays, fuses, neutral safety switch, and wiring, and it all checks out ok. no codes, and no check engine light. am i in the twilight zone here, or does anyone have any ideas?
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Check battery cables are secure and tight make sure ground cables are good. Perhaps use a set of jumper cables using the black cable of hte set hooked to the battery negative and engine block, this will ensure you have a good ground circuit. Check voltage at the starter terminal and check when someone turns the ignition switch voltage should remain above 12 volts. Remove the starter and check it across a known good battery using jumper cables.
i have removed the "new" starter and placed it on the bench, connected the jumper cables just as you have suggested, and the starter works fine, and that is with the battery from the vehicle itself. the starter just won't work in the car. i thought i might have overtorqued the mounting bolts, and loosened them a bit, but the starter continues to belch a single click when ever i turn the key, or push the button on the remote starter switch. i am baffled. it was running for about 2 hours just after i initially installed it, now it won't restart at all.
assuming the motor does turn, then you may have a ground issue. check the little wires coming off the negative cable at the battery and make sure the connections are clean.

thank you all for your contributions; autotechpat, thanks for leading me in the right direction. yes, i reinstalled the starter using only jumper cables to check it, isolating the system now from the original wiring, and the starter worked fine. found out that the bolt at the battery terminal connection was corroded, causing a voltage drop to the starter cable, which is attached to the battery terminal bolt itself. wire brushed it and cleaned it all up, reassembled everything and it starts fine now. again, thanks for all of the input, and i hope this may help someone else out there.
It's possible that your flywheel may have broken teeth on it also. That could be why the starter wont engage.
Iexperienced this as well. I was uptill 12am figuring it out. Then when I read your thankful reply to everyone, I decided to clean and tighten the battery cables. Bam! kicked right over!
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