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Q: 1995 Geo Prizm 1.8L surging problem that occurs intermittently at various rpm's on 1995 Geo Prizm

Car cranked but didnt start the other day. Pulled to mechanic and a new coil was installed. Car runs and drives now. But now has this surging problem. It will do it usually from 2000 plus rpms, and can occur when getting on the gas or when easing up on the gas such as coming down a overpass. I have re-replaced the coil, thinking it may have gotten a bad new coil. Have done a complete tune up as well and still have not got rid of the surging. Would a bad fuel pump cause this. Ive done a little research and it looks like the fuel filter and pump are not easy to replace on this car.
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The mechanic used a ac delco coil. I re-replaced the coil with a masterpro thinking that the one he put on was bad. The car runs the same with either coil
Do you have any codes on the OCD? This sounds like a problem I had with a transmission sensor. My car would suddenly shift up or down a gear causing it to rev. 1st mechanic I took it to found the code but quoted me over $3000 to replace the transmission. When I looked up the code online and found it was the sensor, I took it to a dealer to have just the sensor replaced. It was less than $300 and fixed the problem.
Well I dont think this is any sort of a transmission problem as there is no difference in how the automatic tranny in this car is performing. Which is good
Id check idle air control, mass or vane air flow sensors, if that doesn't help, spray and clean throttle body,( or whatever type if intake) with carburetor cleaner, sea foam, or chem tool while vehicle is running. Please take precaution, too much at one time may cause a hazardous situation.
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