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Q: 1995 Cirrus wont start on 1995 Chrysler Cirrus

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The is a 2.5 liter v6. One day went to go out and start the car and it just cranks over but no start. It was like this for over a month and one day it just starts! I took it to a buddy and we put plugs, wires and new distributor cap and rotor. It ran fine and we thought we had it fixed. We went to start it up today and it wont start again. My buddy tied to read the check engine code and it just read error. Not sure if that means the computer is broke or not.
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they dont have a distributor you should answer if you dont have a clue how to fix what a goof
The V6 does indeed, 100%, without any shadow of a doubt, have a distributor. I understand your skepticism, but you need to heed your own advise.
my 95 cirrus was doing the same thing and It was the thermastat sticking the anifreeze wouldnt circulate and it would have some sort of vacuum sucktion and wouldnt start. I know it sound strange but that was the problem. Hope this helps
Either fuel pump or filter, If it won't turn over it could be a number of things. sitch your fuel pump relay ith another one and see if it's something as simple as that. Also pull your plugs out, stick the cable on it and put it on the block to see if you have spark. If not you my have a coil problem. And that sucks because it's built in to the distrubutor. good luck
I had multiple leaks and issues with no cranking or sometimes cranking, and also just shutting down while I was driving. After ten months and two repair shops not being able to diagnose the problem (the computer did not register the problem), finally found a repair shop that fixed all the above problems. Specific to the no cranking/shutting down issue was the crank position sensor. It is a 1999 Cirrus that I bought new and has 136K+ miles on it. (Also had lots of gaskets replaced due to the oil leaks - but since none of them have ever been replaced, I wasn't surprised by that part). Five months later - still cranking and driving! Good luck!!
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