Q: 1995 Aurora with the 4.0 motor, when service engine light is on it wont start on 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora

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It has set in the garage for 8 months, it only has 39650 miles on it and is in new condition, when you turn the key on and the service engine light doesnt go off it will turn over but not start, if you turn the key off and on several times (9-15) finally the light will go off an it will start right up and runs perfect, but if you try to start it and the light doesnt go off it will never start, as I said you may have to just turn the key to the on position 3 times or 15 times and finally after a few seconds it will go off and it will start, this is everytime you try to start the car. It set for 8 months with a dead battery
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