Q: 1994 suburban on 1994 Chevrolet Suburban 1500

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this web sight is usless
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Thanks Raiderron! There are a lot of great guys answering questions each night trying to help people, many of which genuinely need information, have lost their jobs and can't afford or need to prioritize expenditure on their cars. For a "free" website lots of really good information and lots of really qualified auto technicians and automotive instructors trying to help people after a hard days work.
I really like this sight. Better than IATN in my book. I do wish the estimator had more to it at times. Just tonight I looked up a gearbox estimate for one vehicle and when I went to look for another vehicle gearbox was not there. But is great none the less. The ones that crack me up are the ones that say something like "How much to fix a/c?" without telling us what problem they are experiencing. Sometimes have to read between the lines and hope your answer is really what they are looking for. But I will keep on pluggin" as will we all. Do you suppose that the website can make it so that when they input the vehicle info that if they don't include engine size, what type of Civic-like is it a DX, EX, LX, etc.-then it alerts them and will not allow question without that info? May be too much but I am not a website designer so unsure if is cost effective. Later...........
It can be useless if we are not given complete info about problems and the vehicle in question. What was your specific question and problem? Be very detailed about what you are experiencing and when.