Q: 1994 Safari ABS problem on 1994 GMC Safari

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How can I disconnect the ABS on a 1994 Safari van?
Is there a fuse I can remove?
The ABS has never worked correct, I remember having it checked
under warranty a few times, GM could never find a problem.
Currently the ABS kicks in under normal braking on dry pavement
(some times).
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I would check your wheel sensors, make sure they are clean and tight. These two things will cause the problem you are experiencing. Check for loose wheel bearings as well.
Why do you want to disconnect it. it is there for safety, it is working many times when you don't even know it. it does not light the light when it works. The purpose of the ABS on your van is to help control the skidding of the tires on the lighter rear end, especially on WET pavement. If you or the dealership can't find the problem, go to a better shop. I am NOT impressed with all dealerships and I have worked in my share, believe me. When I worked as a GM Journeyman, I replaced several of the ABS Control units on these vans. You can get one pretty cheap at a wrecking yard, say $100 bucks. But have a good shop scan your system first, it may just be brake dust on a sensor. Don't give up on a good system because of clueless techs and writers.
there is a fuse under the hood. I had same problem and pulled the fuse. Works fine without the ABS and I dont need it anyway.