Q: 1994 q45 wont start with gas and charged battery on 1994 Infiniti Q45

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when i turn the car on all of the lights come on as usual but the car doesnt turn over to start. i got the battery charged thinkin that was it but it wasnt. what could stop the car from starting?
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It could be a couple things. If the starter does not crank, it could be the positive battery lead, starter relay, or starter. Also check for any blown fuses in the engine fuse panel and interior fuse panel. It might also be the ignition switch itself is bad but that is much less common.
I had this same problem with mine. It ended up being a connection in the wiring at the main fuse box under the hood. The part that fixed it costs just a little, but the repair work ended up costing around $500 because it took the guy almost 2 weeks to find the problem. If you take it to a repair shop you might want to mention this problem because schematics for the wiring system is high for the repairman to get. He might be able to reroute. This was the wire that went to the dual port injection. That's all I know, but it's worth mentioning along with the starter and things above. Could save you some time and money.