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Q: 1994 mustang gt my car will not accelerate in 3rd...tranny? distributor? on 1994 Ford Mustang

Hello, and if you are reading this thank you. I just bought my 94 mustang gt a week ago. Its an automatic and everything on it is stock. The only noticable thing wrong with it was that when it shifted from second to third the car had some shaking but it wasn't very severe. Now when i'm driving it everything seems normal in first and second but when it shifts in to third around 35mph the car will not accelerate at all in 3rd gear. If i press the gas while coasting in 3rd the rpm's will go up but the car absoultely will not accelerate. I am going to change the tranny filter and fluid but i have a good feeling that this will not fix my problem. If anyone knows or has any ideas i would strongly appreciate hearing them.
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If the transmission is not up-shifting, it could be a Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) problem. The trans does not know how fast the vehicle is moving and doesn't know it should shift. This is a relatively cheap and easy fix, about $325. It could also be a Shift Solenoid which could involve removing the Main Control or Valve Body, this would be more expensive. If the transmission is "Slipping", that would indicate an internal problem, and might require rebuilding or replacing the trans, that could be very costly.
some one else has also told me to try the shift solenoid they're only about 50 bucks at napa....i jacked it up today thinknig that the vaccum hose might have come loose or be worn out....i couldn't locate the hose(any advice)??? also i have determined that its when i'm not in overdrive i can't accelerate as much as i want but it won't shift the rpm's just continue to increase....i don't wanna blow my engine but have est. that i can drive around sixty without working it too hard????
Any body with any thoughts i would appreciate it..and i will definately look into the vss(sounds suitable for the promblem)
thank you hemicuda for the response
My friend has a similar problem. What did you find out was the fix for it? This car jerks trying to get into gear (has a rebuilt tranny), races sometimes trying to get into gear. The cruise control works and the OD light does not flash.
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