Q: 1994 honda civic, overheating, fan does not turn on on 1994 Honda Civic

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my 1994 honda civic overheats. I took it to the repair shop to get if fixed they changed the thermostat oil change and checked the fan. changed some water hoses. but my car car still overheating and I have to be putting coolant every other day. the mechanics told me that the head gasket its o.k but my check the engine lights up please help me with this question, it will be appreciated.
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The head gasket may be ok now, but if it keeps overheating you'll have issues.

If the fan is not turning on, you may have a relay failure or the fan itself may be failing. Check wiring, check the connector.

If the fan isn't turning on, why are the mechanics not addressing this?
don't know why the mechanics are not addressing this, the place where I took my vehicle is a modest repair shop firestone.
The reason they are not addressing this is because they are frankly not qualified.

I strongly recommend you spend your money with a good independent shop or dealership with qualified technicians and equipment.
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