Q: 1994 Bravada on 1994 Oldsmobile Bravada

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My Bravada cuts out, when I step on the gas.
Sometimes when I am driving around town, and I come to a stop whether it be a light or a stop sign, the car shuts off and it takes like 15 minutes to get it to re-start.
(1) Answer
You may be having a problem with your fuel pump (low pressure) or the ignition system (weak or loss of spark). During the time when your Bravada will not start you can check for proper spark If spark is weak or missing then a complete check of the ignition system would be in order. If spark is good the installing a fuel pressure gauge on the test port and checking fuel pressure would be the next step. It is not uncommon for a faulty ignition module to cause this sort of problem but I would not replace any parts until you have properly diagnosed the problem.