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Q: 1993 Mercury Villager Van .I need to change the door code. on 1993 Mercury Villager

I do not have the permanent code assigned to the vehicle ...It is used to program your personal code into the system. I have the code it is set at, but the car locks itself sometimes with my phone, purse, etc in the car. The number it has is very hard to remember and I need to change it asap.....The manual says 3 taped pieces have been put into the car nowhere to be found. How can I change it to a number I can remember in an emergency since it locks itself occasionally????????
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Remove key every time you exit the van! What if the system fails or battery goes dead numbers aint gona help then.
Why cant you remember the existing code? The FIVE digit master code is located (taped) in the owners manual or on the module behind the trim panel just right of the gas pedal. Enter the master code then your code! IF the code you have now works ok, then the module should accept the new one.
Thanks wetry ...... I think I found it (the master code) ......I looked everywhere and when I lifted the back hinged door up I see a little white sticker with a five digit number on it with a little * at each end of the number......It is late here, dark and cool outside......I will try to reset it to a birth-date that I can remember.....I got locked out again today and was locked out of the house and the car since my keys were in the ignition warming up the car. I was going to be late for my meeting and everything was in the house or the car and again I could not remember the code. It was written down inside the car and inside the house but I was locked out of each and had to call husband who could remember the code. I liked to have never got a neighbor to come to the door, then I liked to have never got my husband to answer the cell phone from out of town, since it was not me calling him on the caller ID. This time I will get to choose the code, a birthday and I enjoy with the family whenever I can.....................thanks so very much for your time. God bless you.
Carol, that sounds like my kind of luck! It's gotten to where i dont remember so well myself, according to my wife!
Glad to help. It may take a couple of tries to enter your new code, just take the keys out before you try it.
Good luck with it! (GBU2)
Ps, have a spare key made if only to open the door, if it has the special type ignition key, you can still have a regular
old cheap key made to unlkock the van.
We try!
Right, thanks. Yes I have trouble with remembering little things like the old 5 digit #. I have to have an association. The other mention about taking the key out in case the car goes dead is good too.....I was at a craft show once and was packing up the van after 12 hours of working in 101 temps. and was finally getting to load up the car and leave from an area of 10,000 people at midnight (had a new helper with me that was mad because of the heat) I was packing van alone with the person as mad as heck.....and trying to do stuff in an orderly fashion, I had husband 12 states away, all of my stuff in the car (purse and phone too, since they might get stollen in the crowd) and since it was 101 degrees I had the air on and key in ignition.....well heck when I got everything all stacked up to load the car, BINGO it has locked, I did not remember the 5 digit code and called my husband (borrowing the policeman's cell phone) and he did not remember it either.....I had to call a daughter that used to have the van and wake them up finally got the 5 digit code.......I wore the policeman out first.......I was ready to break the windshield since it was cracked anyway, but the pr-madonna person with me that was so very mad would have freaked out......anyway when we finally got away, the person was so irritated, she insisted on going home another way and I thought that day and night would never end.....that was Jul.4,2012 and it did it again earlier this month and then again today......I read the specs on the 1993 mercury villager and they do that way even when the parts are replaced 3 times......hmmmmm ...... so you see why I need to just use my daughter's b-day and year for my code.......when I forget that, I will stay Thanks for listening to my rage.......bless you
Just finished laughing, sorry, simple little things sure can go wrong in a hurry! Dont blame you for changing that code. Never thought about it but i guess you dont use it that often, so easy to forget. My bad!
Good night.
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