Q: 1993 G20 chevy van has new alternator and new battery but won't charge it. on 1993 Chevrolet G Series Van (G20)

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Alterantor has been chcked and is fine and battery is brand new and once it lost chrage it won'tcharge back up. second new battery.
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Check you fusible link. Follow red wire coming off battery and you find it. Will be between battery red wire and alternator. Should be located near or attached to main engine fuse panel. You can test this by making sure battery has some charge in it and read battery with a voltmeter. With car off, touch tester to black on battery and red to wire by alternator. You should get similiar reading. If not, the fusible link is bad and needs replaced.
Thank you very much. i knew it had to be something like tht but didn't know the location. It is my Son's Van and he lives in another town and I can't get there to look for it. Tried to get him to but he did't have a clue. Now I can tell him where it is.