Q: 1992 Lumina APV door lock was tripped while the door was still open. on 1992 Chevrolet Lumina APV

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The driver's door will not close. What can I door to release the lock?
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I tried tonight the same process, but using the inside door handle instead of the outside handle and it worked.
Thanks for everyone's time, effort, and any trouble this question may have caused today.
God bless
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Put a screw driver in the latch on the door and as you hold the door handle up you can release the latch to open position. Real simple but harder to discribe than I can put into words. Im in Richmond if you want to call me I may be able to help you better. 804-262-2787 ask for Emmerson.
Thank you for responding to my question. I read the same response on another web site last night and tried it this morning with no results. The latch will not release. Must be something I'm doing wrong.
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