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Q: 1990 GMC 1500 sierra no brakes at rear wheels on 1990 GMC 1500 Pickup

replaced bad master cylinder and flushed brake lines, due to really bad brake fluid. but, still no brake fluid at rear end. brake light is illuminated on dash. I'm looking at possibly bad ABS hydraulic unit?. please need help thanks.
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Thsi truck has RWAL rear antilock brakes on it. It could be the RWAL unit but it's sometimes very hard to bleed these systems. There is a tool that you have to use to hold in the metering valve(sometimes called a combination valve) to keep it center so fluid will flow to the rear brakes when bleeding. The valve is located below the master cylinder and all the brakes lines run into it before going to the individual wheels. On one end of this vavle is the centering valve I'm talking about. Sometimes these trucks have to be pressure bled to ever get any rear brakes. Hope this helps.
Yes, you have the correct valve. The special tool is a L shaped piece that will push in on the rubber plug centering the valve when pushed in. There is a bolt on the valve that is loosend and this tool slid under the bolt and then tightened to hold the tool in that position. Thr tool is about 1" long on the short side and about 4" long the other side and a 1/4-3/8 slot cut in the center of the 4" piece away from the 1" side up about 2" I guess. I you can picture that. The long side will slide under the bolt into the center slot and then tighten down when the other side is pushing down on the centering pin. Hope I haven't confused the heck out of you.
thanks for answer. "the metering valve/ combination valve" is the proportional valve right? and it is located on side of master cylinder on this truck.
what is under master cylinder is the ABS unit RWAL valve with a bleeder steam on it, but no fluid from there when try to bleed eider. and what is the tool to bleed the system? thanks again.

I found that at the end of proportional valve have a rubber plug covering a metal cap with a bearing ball on center of it.
I think I'm getting the idea, but what is the procedure. the center pin has to be pushed in wile trying to bleed the system?. or how that suppose to work can you explain a little more?.
obviously i don have that tool. Is there any other way to bleed ? or can you tell me were to buy that tool?
Thanks again really appreciate your help.
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