1989 Thunderbird SC-Trouble starting will not run smooth on 1990 Ford Thunderbird SC

Everytime have trouble stating and no tach reading, when engine warms bucking starts and then tach starts to read.I need dianostic code. Have replaced plugs, wires, and mass air flow sensor and problems continue

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Need to pull the codes and Diagnose the problem, just replacing parts and guessing, well , you see it does little to help sometimes. Sounds like an Ignition Pickup-Sensor (PIP) , but check the codes, that year Ford has 5 different types of codes for Engine Diagnosis and they work really well, I used to be a Ford Dealer Tech.
can you help me with a 90 tbird super coupe that seems to have a simular problem. Runs great but at times will run rough and want to stall. Tach and instruments go dead and check engine light comes on. Crank sensor was replaced @ a repair shop. This was replaced because engine would just die while driving it. Is there an easy fix?
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Had this problem with my 90 SC. It ended up needing a new staitor and ignition module, which stopped the bucking after the car warmed up...
On my 1990 supercoupeI lost my tach reading when the camshaft position sensor went out.
There is no code to read, it took me a while to narrow it down, I replaced it and
it did the trick