Q: 1971 super beetle on 1990 Volkswagen Cabriolet

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i thought this problem was fixed!just picked up from the place who fixed the car!I have a full tank of gas car starts fine warms up goes about 10 miles and acts like it has run out of gas even though every thing has been fixed i guess 3 times a charm!i was told yesterday every thing has been replaced so this will not be a problem again!!!!!!!!well it did,sorry for being a smart ass,however lots of money going out door and no old parts are ever given back,i thought when someone or place of service makes a point to ask,any way this has happen to many times i have had it towed there they keep it for 3-4 days and tell me they have fixed the problem,I pick it up same thing,since then i replaced the floater in the gas tank,replaced all fuel lines put new fuel fliter on replaced fuel pump,replaced fuse,replaced fuel sending unit and car has been eating alot of gas.and they said they cleaned out gas tank,car ran fine then lost power
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I just saw another post. Is this the same air cooled bug? Did they completed drain and clean the tank? Are you sure all debris was removed and not clogging the pickup, filter or pump? Maybe you need to have some carburetor work done.
soom car hard to fix that y i test drive car home . some time ther is more then one problem i fix the or dont charge ? fixing the car right is the way we do it here
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