Q: 1.8 auto tiptronic on 2002 Audi TT

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when car warms up gear shift is hesitant and changing down is harsh and like a shudder . going up hill (steep) i lost almost all drive but when back on level road got drive back ? the car is pefect when cold and this problem dont happen all the time the transmission oil + filter was changed and they said it was dented and didnt fix problem ?
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Was any transmission oil lost because of the dented filter? Was the transmission working correctly before the oil and filter were replaced?
I ask this because it sounds like you may have either low fluid or a transmission problem. The fact that it behaves differently on level ground sounds like the fluid is low.
thats what i thought iv done some research an was told oil has to be refilled by jacking up the front only and not level as you let oil drip out to get level correct ? thanks for reply DANDD