Q: 1.8 4 banger,were do you attach fuel pressure gauge,what would cause it to flood on 1995 BMW 318i

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just bought the car $325 bucks,guy said hed had the fuel pump changed,the timing belt,(they have chains)and still wouldnt run,said it acted like it was running out of gas.and he lost the key.sat for 19 months,is why it was so cheap,found the key in the dirt by the car when i was loading it,lol,if i hold down throtle it trys to start,but back fires threw breather blowing off large hose going to air cleaner.but i had primed it with gas threw a vacum line,and changed the fuel pump relay,i cant here the pump running at all,if it were a chev i could push in the valve core on the fuel injector rack,but cant see one one this,the keys rusty could it screw with sercurity system if any
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