Q: 172,000 miles, misses at idle, but revs smooth once above 1800 rpm. on 1997 Volkswagen Jetta

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At idle, slight fluctuation and misses like plug is fouling, but runs smooth above 1800 rpm. Thanks
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First, clean your MAF sensor with carb cleaner, gotta remove it to do this. Be careful not to disrupt inside of sensor, be gentle. Next, disconnect air intake hose/pipe to throtle-body, spray the crap out of it with carb cleaner. Lastly, disconnect vacuum line to brake booster, get a length of clear hose (2feet), cut end like a large needle (the kind of needle one gets a shot with), get a clear mixing jar, pour in 12 ounces of Seafoam and slowly, very slowly, suck up Seafoam. Make damn sure you don't stall car, you do not want vapor lock. The car will smoke like hell. After you suck up all the Seafoam, reconnect the vacuum hose, take car for a couple mile ride. Trust me, you will have no more idling problems. You follow the above and you won't believe the difference. Any questions about Seafoam, go on line to YouTube, check out the many videos regarding the Seafoam applications. Stuff is great!!!!