Q: 162,000 miles on 1992 Mercedes-Benz 300E

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The oil is leaking into the coolant. I flush it every couple of months and the car runs fine. When the car starts to overheat and I take it in again to get flushed. The car drives great and sounds great after the flushing. The power of the air and heat are getting weak.
The head gasket is abviously not blown so how to we fix this? Do we replace the head gasket? The hoses are also getting soft and bleeding oil. Your knowledge would be appreciated
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It's possible that the head gasket is not the problem. There are other places oil could get into the cooling system. You need to find a Mercedes specialist, he'd be able to tell you more. Sounds like this has been a problem for a while if oil is seeping through the coolant hoses. You'll need to replace all the hoses once you get the leak fixed.
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As an owner of the same car, your head gasket is indeed blown... common problem for that particular model. Most head gasket repairs are $800-$1000 including machining the head. If you don't do this soon, there are major consequences