Q: 142,500 miles,needs radiator,Vtec seals, distributor,..heater hose head to valve on 2001 Honda Accord

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Is it time to sell? Or should I spend $ 1200 on these repairs?
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I'm told Honda Accords can get 200k or more miles but don't know what other expensive repairs are most likely in this model in near future. A/C? Engine? Transmission? Things I've never heard of, being a woman over 65? Have taken good care of car with timely maintenance; it had transmission recall the first year. Hard to decide whether to spend money on repairs or on payments for a newer (but not new) car.
Do you like your car? Do you trust the shop that is recomending these repairs and are they the primary shop you have it maintained at?Right now you have a 'used car' that you know. None of the repairs listed are unusual for that mileage and age however , if the check engine light is not on , I would wonder why they are recommending a distributor(if I'm reading your question correctly).V-TEC seals leaking are common but often ignored until they get really bad (and cause other problems). Just some random thoughts , good luck with whichever you choose.
if it still runs ok and your sure it needs these parts fix it but I would want a second opinion as to what it needs
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