Q: 1. brakes makea gurgling sound a lot of the time but not always. on 2009 Honda Accord

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2. Most of time when turning corner either left or righ at slow speed I hear a "ping" noise. Sometimes but rarely have heard it going over a bump.
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How many miles on car? Have brake pads been replaced with non-honda brake pads? Several other possibilities. Can you duplicate the 'ping' when sitting still , just turning the wheel back and forth?
47,000 mi. No brake pads have not been replaced. Had same issue w/2004 Accord. Service could not find problem. Is this just something that Accords do? RE: ping, no I have not tried turning wheel when sitting still, but I will. Thank you so much I will get back w/you
No, it did not do it when I turned the wheel, but today it has not made the ping sound like I said it does not always do it. Next time I drive it may ?? Same w/brakes w/gurgling sound
The gurgling sound I'm not sure about , but if it's consistant with applying the brakes , then a visual inspection might be a good idea. The 'ping' might be front control arm bushings. I had one a few years back , that when it was cold (below 30F) , the drivers side would make a noise that could be described as a ping. Again , a visual inspection would be in order , and if they want to try to rule them out (if they don't see anything unusual) , they can loosen the bushing bolts while car is raised(normally they are adjusted with the car on the ground), and let them 'reposition themselves, and tighten them up. If the noise is gone after you drive it enough to verify , then they should be replaced. Good luck.
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