08 dodge durango shudders at low speeds
2008 Dodge Durango

08 Dodge Durango shudders at low speeds

(2008 Dodge Durango)
Maintaining a low speed is the worse recognizable shudder. Feels like driving over corrugated road. Was really bad, had torque converter replaced, plugs, coils, tire rotation and still a shudder but much smaller. Took back to transmission shop, they claim it is not Torque Converter, but after much convincing they replaced it, (so they say), still there. They claim its a rolling vibration, happens at idle and while driving, they said they removed serpentine belt and reved engine and still verified shudder. It happen mostly at slower speeds while trying to maintain a certain speed, then if back off accelerator, it smooths out. They have no idea what it could be.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Maintaining low speeds
How long have you had this problem? Month
Tags: transmission, drive train, engine, dodge, durango
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on January 09, 2019
Same question - same response.
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on January 09, 2019
Same question - same response.
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