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Q: 06 magnum check engine light comes on then flashes then goes back to on. on 2006 Dodge Magnum

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I just bought an 06 magnum with 72k miles. The check engine light is on most of the time. After about 30 minutes of driving the light will start flashing. The engine will shudder at stop lights and then has trouble getting into the next gear. I have seen steam puffs come from under the hood and gotten a whiff of antifreeze from the vents. But temp gauge is at normal or just below. I took it to a dodge dealer for a diagnostic and they couldn't find anything wrong other than an O2 sensor fail about 100 starts ago and the guy said that shouldn't have caused the problem. Then he said just take the car and see what happens. Please Help
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My 2005 Magnum has over 202,000 miles on it and we have just had an EGR valve to go bad. We had this replaced and new plugs while our mechanic of choice was replacing the EGR. About 1 week after the repair the engine light was back on. I took it back to our mechanic and he cleaned the carbon build-up. This helped for about 3 to 4 days - light is back on and car is back to mechanic today. 1 year warranty is already in use. Anyway - once the tube was cleaned, I expected the light to stay off. Any suggestions?
Tell me how the CC's effect the EGR because I know absolutely nothing about this. The computer shows our mechanic where the problems are. Thanks.
Husband just called to tell me that our mechanic is going to do a complete cleaning of the connections to the EGR valve as he has checked it again. He is getting the same code. Tell me if this indicates a more thorough cleaning of the connections (tubing) is needed as it was not completely cleaned. As the EGR valve was dealer direct for the 2005 Magnum, it SEEMS to indicate that a thorough cleaning will solve this. Your comments are appreciated.
I'm having the same problem with my 2.7l vs my friend who is a certified mechanic told just need to get a tune up wires plugs and filters.
hello, I was having the same problem. It turned out to be the thermostat housing located up front. Has a bleeder port on the top and is centrally located in front and center. The top of the thermostat is plastic. My mother in law has a charger and we had the same problem at roughly the same mileage point. the Part costs roughly $60 on ebay, but would recommend a trained mechanic to install it. You have to take the top valve cover off the replace. At this same point have the spark plugs changed out, and radiator hoses changed out. they have to drain the coolant anyways and since the valve cover is off, its an all in one shot to replace the spark plugs. will cost you about $500 to do the whole thing. get spark plugs online, radiator hoses online. Just pay for the installation. hope i helped
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