Q: 06 Lincoln Town Car Performance Issues on 2006 Lincoln Town Car

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My 06 Lincoln TC sometimes has a intermiitent hesitaion at low RPM's when begining to accelerate after slowing down for a red light. It feels like there's a misfire then all of a sudden the motor gets momentum and kicks in. This seems to occur only once in a while. I'm getting poor gas mileage(12 mpg)as well. I've changed the spark plugs and filters and no codes come up when scanned. Thinking that possibly may have a coil that is starting to go bad or a mass air flow sensor problem. Any input would be appreciated!!! Can reach John at DPCLOSER1@GMAIL.COM
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I agree with your thinking --however, the MAF would probably throw P0171/P0174 lean fuel trim codes if it was truly faulty, based on your concern and your fuel economy issues.

The coil situation is more likely. How many miles do you have? Plugs should be replaced proactively at about 60,000 miles, and coil boots installed at the same time.

Check for a leak at the PCV hose too - even though you have no codes, this hose is common for leakage.